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Remote Support


Remote device support to the following devices:

  • MacBook Air

  • MacBook Pro

  • MacPro

  • iMac

  • iPad

  • iPhone

  • Apple TV

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Supported Devices

Devices using macOS and iOS. We have the systems to deploy all your Apple units into the workplace, with all necessary software needed. You dictate what the user requires on their devices.

Remote removal of Malware

Malware has become a common issue on Apple computers these days. With our remote service offering, malware is removed remotely.

Remote Software Support

Your MacBook Air/Pro, iMac or Mac Pro will be monitored remotely. Please note, we ensure system integrity. We cannot access your documents without your consent. Your privacy is our priority.


Using an MDM system we don't only setup your devices but they are monitored for any potential or existing issues. We often identify potential serious  issues before the user experiences it.

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades are important and often fix pre-existing issues. We can rollout updates or restrict updates to users remotely.

Apple ID

With our deployment systems we can issue that all company issued devices are loaded with the company Apple ID. This way when staff leave, the company's device is not locked to personal Apple ID's.

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